Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Have I Learned about Action Research

Action research allows me to provide a platform for identifying a problem or issue on my campus or within a district and use a process of evidence based analysis to come to a resolution concerning the issue. I also learned that action research is a great way to involve stakeholders in the process of realizing that there is something that needs to be addressed or improved and the process of action research allows them to see the evidence as they realize that “they” are a part of that evidence for change.  Successful action research also requires me to be reflective in my everyday practice which will help me to develop expertise in my practice. It also gives me the opportunity to provide structure and organization in tackling issues in a systematic fashion that will be separate from the day to day management and random emergencies that can occur at any given moment. Most importantly, it enables me to be proactive rather than reactive. It enables me to model the change I want to see in my students and someday, my staff. It will ultimately lead me to becoming the head learner at my campus as I demonstrate a willingness and a process to enhancing the education of all stakeholders in the school community.

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